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Unlock Bell's 2wire 2701HG-G ADSL modem

Brand: 2wire
Model: 2701HG-G

I bought original Bell 2wire ADSL modem above. Initially thinking as long as I can enter PPoE authentication, it can be used for any ISP. Eventually, Bell programmed the firmware to redirect to Bell's Internet registration page upon initial connection to complete the Internet signup. Since I am using Acanac ISP, I don't have any login, and it is not applicable to me.

After checking Acanac's forum at, and Google, I found most people are using Singtel custom 2wire firmware, except one use Qwest. After tried both, Qwest has the best interface. So this post is to replace the firmware with Qwest's

Sometime in year 2012, Bell auto update the firmware to replace the upgrade web page. So this step only works in older firmware version (dated 2011 and earlier). If anyone has the newer version, e-mail me so that I can hack it

Documenting the hacking procedure to unlock it, as well as configure to Acanac ISP

(A) Download QWest firmware
  1. Goto Qwest homepage
  2. Scroll to bottom, and click on Support -  Modem/Installation Support
  3. Click on Downloads on left panel
  4. Click on Modem Firmware
  5. Click on 2Wire 2701/2700HG
  6. Click on Windows and Macintosh to download
  7. URL should be
  8. Save the file to C:\Temp or whatever location
(B) Replace Bell's firmware
  1. Browse to (Old firmware), (Old firmware), (New firmware after 2012), or (New firmware after 2012)
  2. Open file 2700-2701--QT04- which saved just now
  1. Click on "Upgrade Firmware" button to start
  1. It takes about 5 min to upgrade
  1. After upgraded, it will auto reboot. This screen will remain in the browser, and will not auto direct to main page
  2. Wait for all LED at the rear LAN ports to turn solid, then disappear. Takes about 2 min
  3. Wait for another 1 minute for the DSL LED at the front to blink, and modem is unlocked
Now to configure for Acanac DSL:
  1. Browse to (it changed from to 0.1)
  2. Click on Advanced Setup - Broadband Settings. Set up DSL
  3. VPI: 0, VCI: 32, then Apply. These are critical values for DSL signal communication with Acanac. These are equivalent to phone number for analog. For Teksavvy, VPI:0, VCI: 35
  4. Click on WAN IP Address, and fill in user authentication
  5. Fill in username:
  6. Fill in password
  7. Select the item below that is utilized by your ISP: PPPoE
  8. Enter your PPP Username and Password: PPP Username:, PPP Password: given_acanac_password
  9. Select the IP Type: Dynamic IP-DHCP (Default)
  10. Select the DNS type: Dynamic DNS Addersses (Default)
  11. Click Apply
Update on 2012-03-13:
I received an e-mail from someone in Acanac forum today (2012-03-13) asking for help for flashing the firmware. Although the screenshots are in French, I understand that Bell auto update the 2wire ADSL modem, replace the URL with a Bell password page. I am asking the person to provide me more screenshot in DSL configuration to determine whether VPI, and VCI is configurable. I will post update on the finding based on the reply, as I don't have another 2wire modem to play with.

I don't mind if someone send me a unit to hack it

Update on 2012-06-21
A stranger provided me the URL for new Bell's firmware upload page today. His name is Sanjay Chepakou, e-mail He said the URL is

Any with new Bell firmware please verify this URL is correct.

Update on 2012-07-10
Someone in Toronto donate their new modem to me, which is brand new. It was received on Feb 2012, but its firmware is old version. I managed to capture some screen shots to add into this post. Still looking for someone to donate me a unit with new firmware...

P.S. When you send me feedback, kindly provide your e-mail so that I can reply. I don't want to post my questions to this blog which others not interested

If you are able to flash your ADSL modem, kindly appreciate my intellectual property by donating CAD$10 (use PayPal button below). It will be encouraging for me to keep this blog post and keep hacking. Since 2011 where I provided the hack, nobody given me any donation to appreciate the intellectual property of mine.


aboulhassane said...

the following adresse doesnt work:, it's giving me 'Page Not Found'

i found this adresse: but it asking me for a Bell Tech Password !!

Anyone can help ??

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

The URL which contains tech certainly is wrong, as you getting "Page Not Found" error.

If the upgrade page prompt for Bell Tech password, please double check the URL is still .../upgrade.

You can e-mail me the screen shots (as many pictures as possible) in a properly formatted document. Please include the IP of the PC you configured from. I will try to help

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

Please be aware that Bell silently push up new custom 2wire firmware, even through Acanac network.

This firmware removed the hidden link, and only left the Bell link which required their technician's password.

I am waiting for anyone to donate their modem to me to hack it. Any volunteer?

Tester said...

Hi John

Thanks for your help. I did the steps you mentioned and it worked fine but what is the new ip address for the modem. If i need to access it to change SSID and password.

Tester said...

Hi John

Thanks for your help. I did the steps you mentioned and it worked fine but what is the new ip address for the modem. If i need to access it to change SSID and password.

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

It is mentioned in the next paragraph, which is

Tester said...

i tried but it doesn't go inside.. it continues to load... but also i connected to fibre stream not acanac. so once i did the reboot. i put the configs based on fibresteam.

Tester said...

My problem is that i did the procedures while connected to a macbook and wireless and lan works fine on the macbook. but my pc doesnt seem to get connected to the internet. can you let me know what i did wrong.

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

First, try to connect both Macbook and PC using LAN port. If one can connect and another can't, then that means it is computer's configuration, and the router is properly configured.

If I understand you correctly, you means you done that and Macbook can connect to Internet, while PC can't. So check the network configuration of your PC. Try with DHCP and static IP (in same IP range as the router), then configure further after you get one of them to work

Tester said...

Hi John.

Yes i followed all of the steps as you mentioned in your blog while connected to my Macbook through LAN and I only had to do upto step 3 as my ISP has the mode as bridging with no user name and password.

Now I can scan my SSID and the old password works so I can connect to my macbook wireless or lan internet. Also, I can connect to my ipod using the wireless internet. However, my blackberry, andriod and pc laptop does not connect to the wireless network.

Is it possible that since I used macbook to unlock the modem and setup to my ISP that it is only working on Mac products and nothing else which sounds odd. That is why I wanted to access my router and see but doesn't work anymore for it.

Please advise. I am not a networking expert and only know so much perhaps if you dont mind providing steps to solve the issue as you mentioned for DHCP it will be great.

Thanks for all your help. You can contact me here.

Tester said...

When I try connecting my PC through LAN, I get a signal but internet doesn't work.

Tester said...

It seems that is a router configuarion issue as some devices can connect and some can not. Hence, I need to find out how to browse router settings.

Tester said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
LionHeart said...

Hey John, Any Luck on the new 2wire firmware?

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

Hi LeonHeart,

Nobody donating there 2wire device with the new firmware yet. Until then, I will hack it. It is not cost effective for me to pay one myself

LionHeart said...

Where are you located John?

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

You can e-mail me at

Benjamin Viant said...

Hi John, Is that working with the 2701 HG-G with the new firmware inside since march 2012?

Ghislain Bellefleur said...

VCI : 35
Password / Login from Bell ( B1xxx ) and so far, works great !!

Thanks !!
( I'm from Montreal )

mika Do said...

Hi John,

even with the link provided, I am still asked to provide the technician password.

I am in montreal and ready to donate the 2 wire for hacking

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

Anyone interested to donate their 2wire to me, please see following Kijiji link.

It will be disabled after 1 month +

Jimmy Wong said...

Hi John,

My question is not relevant to your post here but I'd like to seek your advise if you don't mind.

I have 2wire 2701HGV-E modem which I bought in Singapore when I stationed there. I brought this modem with me back to Hong Kong after my assignment. Now, I'm having problem using this modem with my optical fiber internet connection.

What I'd flashed the Singtel firmware and replaced with the Qwest one. Change it Direct IP and hook it up to the broadband port of the modem. From the Connection Status screen, it shows the Qwest broadband: Not connected and Internet Service Provider (ISP): Connecting. The internet LED becomes red after a while. Any idea how I can fix it? Thanks in advance for your help and advice. By the way, when I plugged in my Linksys WRT54G which is a 6-year old wireless router, it works instantly with just a simple setup.

My email:

Thanks a lot,

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

Hi Jimmy,

This firmware does not work for 2wire 2701HGV-E.

Although they are binary compatible, and you can flash it, you won't able to control the WAN broadband port, and USB device at all.

If you are using it as ADSL, WiFi, LAN combo, then it should works, but if you want to use the WAN or USB port, then you need to hunt for other firmware, NOT this

Jimmy Wong said...

Hi John,

Thank you so much for your advice. At least I know I shouldn't spend time on this firmware anymore.

I came across another firmware here at:

I wonder if you have ever tried this one before? Does it solve my problem, based on your professional judgement?

Thanks once again.

Ranjith said...

Mine is 2 wire 2701HG-G with new custom firmware from Bell. I used the and it worked. Thank you.

Yousif Al-Yousifi said...

Thank you for this amazing blog post.

Just successfully flashed to Qwest on my 2701HG-G.

Great instructions.

Den the menace said...


here are the spec of my modem,
Can I flash it with the firmware on this page.
Home networking modem details
Manufacturer: 2Wire, Inc.
Model: 2701HG-G Gateway
Serial number: 421119000364
Hardware version: 2700-100618-007
Software version:
Key code: 5265-2374-62A2-22AS-32MY
Current date & time: Not set
System password: None

Thank you

jeremy clarke said...

I got the technician password to work! Some combination of these two passwords did it:


I'm not sure which did the trick because I got confused by a similar-looking login that actually wanted the password of the router (i.e. my normal router settings password I chose myself). The firmware URL I used was:

MANOJ said...

I have a confusion about connections.
Do i have to hook up internet cable to phone jack in modem and ehternet cable from modem tp pc ??

To do all this procedure?


Violetta said...

Thank you John! all steps worked for me. I've only used VCI =35, since I'm with Teksavvy, and sipped Acanac login info, just used my provider credentials.


NouNours said...

Thanks Man
It worked Excellent on my old 2wire 2701HG-G with Primus.
Only restart the modem after finishing the update and entered the Username and Password.
BRAVO... :-)

nodoor said...

I try to unlock my Bell 2701HG-G, I use . But system prompt ask me password, I try 2wire and 2701hg. However, those password is invalid. Any one know the password can be tried?

Claude Harrison said...

hi ! i have 2 bell2wire modem one unlock and the other one lock. i want to use the unlock as receiving internet only from the lock modem so an other word the unlock will receive internet via without been plugin will be like a repeater . is ti possible?

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

Hi Claude Harrison,

This 2wire device cannot be configured as WiFi repeater, nor network router

Following is summary from my understanding of it
1. Uses as regular network switch - Yes
2. Uses as network router - No
3. Uses as WiFi repeater - No
4. Uses as WiFi access point with DSL phone port - Yes
5. Uses as WiFi access point without DSL port port - Yes, but not going to have Internet access, in other word, just LAN. Uses to share devices internally, like TV streaming, NAS, internal file sharing, network printer, in house phone server (make extension call only), home office with internal web server

2wire does not offer a firmware that could configure it as WiFi repeater, nor Bell or any ISP are spending money to write these code into their custom firmware. So technically it is supported, but nobody is writing the code to support this feature

Brainer said...


Thanks for this guide and your hard work. Does this still work on Bell modems, or is it pending some sort of update to the procedure-I can't tell from the above.

Sing-Cheong Chen said...

Hi Brian,

Login to the 2wire ADSL modem homepage and try to see whether it prompt you for login. If your model doesn't allow you to upload firmware, then your unit cannot be re-flash.

I don't have any workaround it for Bell's new firmware

Brainer said...


Thanks for that info. I'm thinking of buying one of these used. Any particular ISP/Carrier I should buy?

I understand the Qwest version is not crippled, but the interface looks horribly bad.

If I do get a Bell one, is there a way to know BEFORE I buy it (like firmware date or version) whether it can be flashed or not?

Sing-Cheong Chen said...

Hi Brainer,

If you have not bought 2wire 2701HG-G ADSL modem, then don't but it. It doesn't support 802.11n. Its highest speed is 54 Mbit/s, instead of 600 Mbit/s for 802.11n or 802.11ac (1300 Mbit/s).

I don't know the speed of your ISP, so I can't comment whether 50 Mbit/s limit meet your long term plan, but for me, it isn't because actual max speed for WiFi is always half of that, i.e. 25 Mbit/s (2.9 MB/s). Copying files across home computers are limiting myself at about internet speed, which I can't accept. You may not have many computer sharing files in your case, but something for others to know.

None of the GUI for 2wire look nice, and it can't be used as WiFi repeater.

2wire has sold to Pace, so it is no longer supported, expect from the user community.

Except Bell, I don't think other ISP are spending time to write the firmware to add an authentication against flashing capability. So you can choose any ISP, except Bell.

I don't track Bell's inventory, so I don't know exactly what printed on the label is flashable, except booting it up and access its firmware flashing page.

Nonetheless, it is a solid unit. Needs only restart every 3 months, and never lost connection.

Brainer said...


I managed to pick up a used 2701HG-G and to it to do exactly what I wanted. It is working great (and I plan to use the Diagnostics page once I learn all this jargon).

Just FYI,

A quote from that post:
"Not helpful because of the date. The new firmwire was pushed around February 2012"

So it appears that it may be firmware dated Feb. 2012 or afterwards from Bell which prevents flashing of other firmware.

Also, with some of the other carrier's firmwares, depending on which keycode you enter in the router's Setup page, you can unlock certain cool features,such as content filtering.

Pace (2wire) list of keycodes

Finally, if you want to look at the MDC (Management and Diagnostic Console), the page is

The password for the MDC page is usually "2wire"

Brainer said...


I agree with you that most of the 2Wire modem GUIs are awful, but the Singtel is not. Take a look at some screenshots. It's cleaner and easier to read than the others.

Rob Aitken said...

Hello... I just reflashd my 2701HG-G with the Qwest file... works good as I can access the setup pages. I set the VCI to both 32 and 35 but still cannot connect to Primus. I know my username and password is correct. .. any ideas?

carlos1984 said...

do not flash qwest firmware if you want to test singtel first, after you flash qwest it will not let you downgrade.

Randy Doctor said...

Hi John and fellow surfers,

Just contributing a bit from my experience escaping Bell.

model: 2701HG-G Gateway
hardware version: 2700-100618-005
firmware version:

Starting by doing a hard reset (continuously holding down the reset button powered on for 30sec, unplugged for 30sec, powered on for 30sec).

Navigating to the firmware update page via the web GUI leads to where there is a Technician Login form. Leaving the field blank and submitting fails returning to for another attempt.

Directly accessing only 404s however does work. As I had just hard reset I needed to enter the default admin password which is "2wire" to access the Software Upgrade page.

I uploaded the Quest firmware (2700-2701-QT04- with no problem (submitting the upgrade form leads to /xlst?PAGE=UPGRADE2 temporarily), and after confirming access to the Quest web GUI did another hard reset to purge any remnants of Bell's.

jem said...

Thanks buddy! it worked like a charm!!