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Genesys Outbound Contact Server - Log Analysis

This post is to show how to read the Genesys Outbound Contact Server (OCS) log by cross referencing with rep file generated.

In my example, I loaded the OCS rep file into database with table name Record_History. You can use MS SQL Server SSIS, or Oracle SQL*Loader to do that. UNIX shell script which calls command line to generate INSERT statement will work as well. Tell me if you are interested in any of those script. Genesys does not provide tool to do that, but it is a common task any Genesys outbound developer will need for custom reporting, or troubleshooting through database.

Another simple way is to open the OCS rep file using Excel or OpenOffice (StarOffice) with "|" as field delimiter

Following are what maps to rep file for preview record

message RequestDistributeUserEvent - action 2 (preview record in GAD)
message EventDialing - No entry in rep file
message EventNetworkReached - No entry in rep file
message EventEstablished - action 7 (call established)
message EventReleased - action 8 (call released)
message EventUserEvent with GSW_AGENT_REQ_TYPE' 'UpdateCallCompletionStats - action 10 (record updated) where agent modify or enter value into any column in GAD
message EventUserEvent with GSW_AGENT_REQ_TYPE' 'RecordProcessed' - action 14 (record processed event)
message RequestDistributeUserEvent with GSW_USER_EVENT' 'RecordProcessedAcknowledge' - action 12 (call completed)
message EventACK with AttributeThisDN '036345376' - action 11 (record processed)

Assume phone number dialled is 036345376

For action 10, there will be an SQL to update the calling list table. For database respond time, this can be captured and calculate for database performance

15:42:53.357 CM_DBCallRecord(402-398-966): DBServer 'DBServer_Prim for cl_Survey_Beer (528)' SQL:  update cl_Survey_Beer set call_result=28,agent_id='1101',contact_info='9036345376',call_time=1312832429,switch_id=100 ,Title='',FirstName='',MiddleInitial='',LastName='Cona Drinks Sdn Bhd',Address1='28 Jalan RALGREEN',City='Kepong',Province='KL',PostalCode='52100',HomePhone='036345376',WorkPhone='036345376',ReferenceNumber='61600',Language='E',Note='Apr 1 Called' where chain_id=171 and chain_n=0 [ReqID=26811]

Search for ReqID to determine update completed

15:42:53.373 CM_DBCallList(402-398-966): DBServer 'DBServer_Prim for cl_Survey_Beer (528)' MSG_SQLEXECUTED(DBM_SUCCESS) [ReqID=26811]

There is a small section of statistics in OCS log which gives a summary of time of important events, like below

phone                   '9036345376'
pCallRes                'Answer'
timeDialing             '15:42:15.357'
timeClientRinging       '15:42:15.576'
timeCPDFinished         '15:42:43.466'
timeAgentEstablished    '15:42:43.466'
timeAgentCallReleased   '15:42:49.810'
deltaOCS_CPD            0

Table gsw_request_log is another table holding other call entry which contains following columns

One important log which indicate call will not be made again is below

15:42:59.545 Trc 61007 Record is removed   Chain_id: 171 Chain_n 0 Record_id: 171 Phone: 9036345376

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