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Genesys Automated Zip Log Files

It has been years Genesys engineers, consultants, and administrators have been alarm by how big the CTI logs can be. This includes the Genesys suites of N-tier servers as well.

It is often that we need to keep debug level logs for troubleshooting when users complain, yet it takes 100 GB of space for 1 month retention. Currently is limited to selected server components

I have been using external gzip, bzip2, or Windows NTFS build in file compression to compress logs in many implementations. Now in recent version of Genesys, it is able to configure automatic zip compression for historical logs, except current log, for GAD and GIS

Steps to have log name db_server.log max size 100 MB, max files 200, and auto zip, with debug level
1. Launch Configuration Manager
2. Open property for each server
3. Click on Options
4. Open section "log"
5. Add or modify entry "file"
6. Value: debug,/u01/genesys/gad_server.log,100,200,zip

For UNIX, it could used following script, and schedule to run hourly

ZIP="/usr/bin/bzip2 -9"

for FILE in $( ls ${DIR_LOG}/${EXT} )
   let isFILE_OPEN=$( ${FUSER} ${FILE} )
   if [ ${isFILE_OPEN} = 0 ]
      ${ZIP} ${FILE}

Adjust bzip2 compress level to lower if process take too long. 5 is the default

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Anonymous said...

I have read your instructions and do not know where you can configure this. Is it possible for you to post a screen shot example?

I am assuming that you have added a new option called 'file'. However 'file' is not a supported DB Server log option.

In my research I have found that the 'file' log option is only valid for SDKs, GAD or GIS.

Extract from GIS deployment guide:
Default Value:
info, Ail, 10MB, 20, zip
Valid Values:
, ,,[, zip]
Specifies how to store traces to
a file.
• : false, debug, info, warn, error, fatal
• : Valid path to a file name.
• : Maximum file size, in MB.
• : Number of files for the rolling logs.
• [, zip]: Specifies compressed log files (optional).

John Chen said...

Incorporated Anthony J's feedback. Added UNIX script to compress using bzip2

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the clarification John,
I look forward to the day ZIP is a common log functionality across all Genesys applications.


PS - If your ever looking for an alternative to GAD let me know!