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Android: Terminal Info

Product: Android
Version: Any version, tested in ver 2.3

File: /data/system/batteryinfo.bin
Reference 1:
Reference 2:

1. root the phone with any tools
2. launch terminal emulation
3. Enter: su
4. Enter: cd /data/system
5. Enter: rm -i batteryinfo.bin
6. Shutdown phone
7. Charge the phone until it is fully charge
8. Turn on the phone

Deleting above binary file and turn on the phone after fully charge (believe) to recalibrate the battery level detection.

Trying it with my old LG Optimus 2X (G2x) P999 Canada model

Found some Android terminal commands. Not sure how good it but documenting it here

$ adb shell dumpsys | grep DUMP
$ adb shell dumpsys wifi
$ adb shell dumpsys cpuinfo

List of sub parameters can be found using this command
$ adb shell dumpsys | grep DUMP

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