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Solution for iPad/iPhone/iTouch Sync Error: an unknown error occurred (1150)"

Product: Apple iPad, iTouch, iPhone, iPod
Version: Any version
Error message: Cannot sync [device] an unknown error occurred (1150)

Firstly, I tried to find a solution in Google, but nobody gave the right answer, and everyone is asking the question.

I found only 1 hit in dated 2012-09-30, which is strange, and nobody answer it. So I trace back what I done in my iPad that could produce this error.

The root cause is related to restriction that I turned on to disallow deletion and installation of software in iPad. This basically make sense as iTune will install and delete applications (app) during sync. As it can't perform the operation into iPad/iPhone/iPod/iTouch, it throws an error, which is not user friendly

The solution is to allow apps installation & deletion as below:

1. Setting
2. General
3. Restrictions
4. Turn on for "Installing Apps"
5. Turn on for "Deleting Apps"

Now disconnect and reconnect iPad/iPhone/iTouch/iPod (if not connect), or (if connected) press "Sync" button to sync again. It will not throw the error any more

Kindly donate CAD$1 to value my research (which everyone points me to wrong solution) and 10 hours of figuring out this solution

Reference: (link to where I post my solution in Apple. No need to visit if you came from there, or whatever reason)


Unknown said...

Genius!!!! Many many many thanks!!! This works!!!!!!

Unknown said...

THIS WORKS!!! Well done and many many many thanks!!!

Unknown said...

Excellent, that worked! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Excellent, that worked! Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank you so so much!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Apparently, this worked!

3rd EYE said...

It truly works, my problem solved. Very much helpful sharing of individual knowledge. i Salute,Ready n Agree to give CAD1$. Pl tel me how cam from India. Thank you very much 1ce again.

Unknown said...

Thank you SO much! I am not a computer person and errors such as this can lead me to give up if the solution is not readily apparent. Your fix was so easy and logical - I appreciate the time spent figuring it out!