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SAP: Unpack multiple rar file with unrar in Linux

Product: SAP, RARLab

SAP provide many download DVD as rar files. The file 1 always with .exe extension.

This gives people an impression that it must be unpack in Windows first, which is not true.

RAR file with exe extension can be unpacked directly with RAR Lab's provided unrar in Linux or any UNIX flavor

1. Download unrar from RAR Lab provided this utility as free command line, which only contain 1 program. The full rar utility is not free, however


2. In most Linux, e.g. RedHat, in UNIX prompt, it can download with command below


3. The file will download to local directory

4. Type following command to uncompress. After uncompress, the extension .gz will disable

gunzip unrar-linux-x64.gz

5. Rename it to unrar

mv unrar-linux-x64 /usr/bin/unrar (for example I want to move to /usr/bin)

6. Now change to SAP software download directory, and uncompress the .exe rar files

/usr/bin/unrar x 51039090_part01.exe (this series of file is from 51039090_part01.exe to 51039090_part11.rar)

7. The program will unpack into current directory. All SAP rar files contain sub-directory, so it is not required to create a sub-directory to extract to

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