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SAP: ECC or Solution Manager Installation - sapinst shows blank

Product: SAP
Module: X Windows emulation with any SAP module which use sapinst to install

It if found that sapinst will display a blank page in certain X Windows emulator.

This could happen to X Manager, MobaXterm, cygwin, Hummingbird

Solution 1: MobaXterm
Only applicable to MobaXterm (free trial version works as well)

1. Click on Settings icon and change "X11 server display mode" to "Windowed mode with Fvwm"
2. Restart X11
3. Ensure X11 running

See following screen shots

Solution 2

Certain people found resizing the windows will make it display its content

Solution 3

Use VNC (vncserver in server end, and vncviewer in PC end) to run sapinst (as root).

This software can be upload to server as regular user account, so it does not need to install, or owned by root. It does not need to reside in /usr/bin/, but it can be in /home/scchen/vnc/, for example.

If there is firewall, then need to open port 5900. If you do not want to ask network team to open it, or too much work, then identify a network port which already open, such as Oracle listener port 1521 - 1590, SAP GUI port, SAP ICM port 80, or 8080.

Then when launch vncserver command, specify the port as those, e.g. 1521, 8080.

Please note that if use port lower than 80, then must run vncserver as user root only. This is standard security limitation for all OS, especially UNIX

Solution 4
Uses commercial version of Reflection X

Solution 5
Install free Linux in your PC, and set DISPLAY=:0.0 in remote sapinst server. Local Linux needs to allow remote X display by typing "xhost +"

Solution 6
Install free Oracle Solaris, and follow steps in #5 above

Side Notes

Don't listen to anyone who tell you below
1. Install Java JRE
2. Install Java JDK
3. Your Java is not 32-bit or 64-bit
4. Installation media corrupted
5. No privilege to execute sapinst (program already running, so privilege is there)
6. Must run as root (root only required when installation start, displaying it does not need root)
7. Insufficient free space in /tmp (if you found /tmp is full, then clean it up and run again. It is unlikely)
8. Use ssh only (I assume ssh with X11 forward is correctly configure as you can display the blank screen already)

As long as you can run xclock, xeye, or any X application, then it means your setup is correct. The sapinst binary won't display a blank windows if it is corrupted, because it won't even able to reach that section of the code

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