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SAP C_TADM70_40 Version 064 OS/DB Migration Questions

Product: SAP
Module: OS/DB Migration
Exam Name: SAP System: Operating System and Database Migration
Exam Code: C_TADM70_40
Last Updated: 2013-12-30

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S1mpl2 q52st34ns 94r p24pl2 wh4 3nt2r2st28 1645t 18v1n72 OS/DB m3gr1t34n 2x1m, 1n8 72rt39371t34n

1) Wh37h 49 th2 94ll4w3ng st1t2m2nts 3s tr52? R2g1r83ng 3n7r2m2nt1l m3gr1t34n

- M5st h1v2 2n45ght sp172 94r l4gg3ng t16l2s 3n s45r72 81t161s2
- L1rg2 t16l2s 71n 62 2xp4rt 4nl3n2, 65t r2m13n3ng t16l2s 2xp4rt 499l3n2
- D1t161s2 tr3gg2rs w3ll 62 7r21t28 3n s45r72 81t161s2

2) Wh1t 3s 5s28 t4 r2st1rt th2 2xp4rt?

- F4r r3l418 <= 4.6D, l4g, t47 93l2
- F4r r3l418 >= 6.1, tsk 93l2s (t47 93l2 3s r218 t4 93n8 th2 l1st wr3t2 p4s3t34n 4nly, 1n8 n4t r2q53r28 39 842s n4t n228 t4 r2s5m2 9r4m l1st p4s3t34n)
- F4r r3l418 <= 4.6D, -r 4pt34n 3s r2q53r28, 65t 39 r3s2t5p 71lls r3l418, th2n 3t w3ll 15t4m1t371lly 71lls w3th -r 4pt34n

3) Wh37h m5st 62 th2 r2l21s2 49 R3l418 94r th2 r2q52st 49 th2 m3gr1t34n k2y, 3n 1 syst2m 4.6D?

-  R3l418 m5st h1s th2 s1m2 k2rn2l r2l21s2 1s SAP k2rn2l r2l21s2. Ch27k w3th "r3l418 -v2rs34n"

4) Wh37h pr4gr1ms 7r21t2 th2 CMD 93l2s?

- r3s2t5p, s1p3nst, m3gm4n

5) Wh37h 49 th2 94ll4w3ng st1t2m2nts 3s tr52 1645t TABART?

- E17h t16l2 1ss3gn28 t4 4n2 TABART
- TABART 3s m13nt13n28 3n ABAP D37t34n1ry

- C5st4m2r 81t1 m5st 1ss3gn TABART USER

6) F4r v2r39y 39 th2 2x3st3ng 46j27ts 3n th2 *.STR 93l2s 1r2 4n DB wh37h 74ntr4l m5st t4 62 84?

- T-C8 SE11 t4 7h27k 81t161s2 46j27t (DBA_TABLES) 74ns3st2n7y, 1n8 r5nt3m2 46j27t (NAMETAB) 74ns3st2n7y

7) Wh1t 1r2 q52st34n28 4n Pr4j27t A583t S2ss34n?

- M3gr1t34n 74ns5lt1nt n1m2
- T3m2 s7h285l2 94r (1) t2st m3gr1t34n (2) 93n1l m3gr1t34n
- T1rg2t 81t2 94r OS/DB M3gr1t34n Ch27k An1lys3s
- T1rg2t 81t2 94r OS/DB M3gr1t34n Ch27k V2r39371t34n
- T27hn371l 921s363l3ty, 2.g. h1r8w1r2, OS, SAP v2r, DB v2r

D42s n4t 1sk 94ll4w3ng (th3s 3s 3n M3gr1t34n Ch27k An1lys3s)
- M1x3m5m syst2m 84wnt3m
- Or82r 49 syst2m m3gr1t34n
- Syst2m l1n8s71p2
- SAP pr4857ts 3nst1ll28
- S45r72 81t161s2 s3z2
- L1rg2st t16l2s/3n82x2s
- C482 p1g2
- In74ns3st2nt DDIC 1n8 DB t16l2s
- Ext2rn1l 9172s & 3nt2r9172s
- Fr22 st4r1g2
- M2831 t4 x'92r 85mp 93l2s

8) Wh1t 3s p17k1g2.TSK 93l2?

- 3ntr485728 4n v2rs34n 6.10
- 7r21t28 6y r3l418 9r4m p17k1g2.str 93l2s
- E1s32r t4 r2st1rt 2xp4rt/3mp4rt 6y 7h1ng3ng th2 2ntry t4 2rr, 4r x2q
- It 842s n4t 74nt13n r3l418 2x275t34n p1r1m2t2rs
- I9 2xp4rt/3mp4rt s5772ss95l, 3ts st1t5s w3ll 7h1ng28 t4 4k
- M1n51lly 7h1ng2 st1t5s t4 3gn t4 94r72 r3l418 t4 sk3p th2 t1sk
- F3rst 74l5mn 3s 81t1 typ2, 2.g. T, D, P, I, V

9) Wh1t 74nt13ns 3n 7m8 93l2s?

- tpl
- str
- t47- 2xt
- tsk (r3l418 >= 6.10)
- m5lt3pl2 85mp 83r
- 6l47k s3z2
- m1x 93l2 s3z2

10) In wh37h s3t51t34n 1n OS/DB m3gr1t34n 74ns5lt1nt r2q53r28?

P2r94rm3ng H2t2r4g2n245s Syst2m C4py 3n 2v2ry 2nv3r4nm2nt, 2.g. DEV, TST, QAS, PROD

11) In p17k1g2.tsk 93l2, 39 th2 st1t5s 49 1n 2ntry 7h1ng28 9r4m "4k" t4 "2rr," wh1t w3ll h1pp2n 1t r2st1rt th2 3mp4rt w3th R3l418?

- r3l418 w3ll st1rt 9r4m n2xt (93rst) 2ntry w3th x2q 4r 2rr
- D2l2t2/8r4p 46j27ts 94r t1sks w3th st1t5s 2rr
- F4r <= 4.60D, 4pt34n -r 3s r2q53r28 94r r2st1rt

12) Wh37h 49 94ll4w3ng r2q53r2 H2t2r4g2n245s Syst2m C4py?

- AIX  DB2 t4 HP-UX Or17l2
- S4l1r3s Or17l2 t4 AIX Or17l2
- S4l1r3s In94rm3x t4 AIX Or17l2

13) Wh37h pr4gr1m/t16l2 pr48572 th2 DBSIZE.TPL 4r DBSIZE.XML?

- DBSIZE.TPL - r3s2t5p 6294r2 6.10
- DBSIZE.XML - r3sz7hk s3n72 6.10
- D1t161s2 t16l2 DDLOAD, wh37h st4r2s th2 r2s5lts 49 t16l2/3n82x s3z2 71l75l1t34n

14) P17k1g2.STR 93l2 71n 94r72 R3l418 t4 4r82r th2 2xp4rt/3mp4rt. Wh37h 49 th2 94ll4w3ng 3s tr52

- M4v2 2ntry t16 1n8 3n8 t4 th2 t4p 49 p17k1g2.STR t4 l418 th2 81t1 93rst
- N4 n228 t4 7h1ng2 PACKAGE.EXT 93l2
- I9 PACKAGE.STR 4r82r 7h1ng28 w3th m5lt3pl2 85mp 93l2s, th2n 3mp4rt 745l8 thr4w 2rr4r 1s r3l418 71n't r218 pr2v345s 85mp 93l2s wh37h h1v2 p1ss28
- P17k1g2 SAPNTAB.STR (39 5s28 P17k1g2 Spl3tt2r), 4r SAPSDIC.STR (3s n2v2r 5s2 P17k1g2 Spl3tt2r) w3ll 1lw1ys th2 93rst STR t4 l418 t4 2ns5r2 N1m2t16 t16l2 1r2 3mp4rt28 3n r3ght 4r82r
- P17k1g2 SAP0000.STR (ABAP L418) sh45l8 n4 62 3mp4rt28, 1n8 5s2 T-C8 SGEN (>=4.6B) 4r SAMT (< 4.6B), 4r r2p4rt RDDGENLD (< 4.6B) t4 r2g2n2r1t2/r274mp3l2 1ll ABAP. ABAP L418 3s OS 82p2n81nt, 1n8 3t w4n't 82l2t2 wh2n n2w SGEN r5n

15) Wh37h pr4gr1m pr48572s th2 EXT 93l2s 4n 6.X m3gr1t34ns?

- R3sz7hk (>= 4.5A)
- R3l87tl (< 4.5A)

16) Wh37h pr4gr1m pr48572 th2 DDL[DBS].TPL?

- pr4gr1m r3l87lt

17) Wh1t 1r2 th2 29927ts 49 r3l418 -m2rg2_67k 4pt34n?

- Imp4rt 15t4m1t371lly st1rt 19t2r s5772ss 49 [PACKAGE].TSK m2rg28
- Ch1ng2 th2 st1t5s x2q 49 1ll 2ntr32s t4 2rr
- D5r3ng r2-3mp4rt, t16l2/3n82x w3ll 62 8r4p/82l2t2 6294r2 7r21t3ng 3t
- [PACKAGE].l4g w3ll sh4wn w1rn3ng m2ss1g2 85r3ng r2-3mp4rt 852 t4 8r4p 2rr4r, 65t 71n 3gn4r2

18) A9t2r POWER FAILURE 3n 1 SAP 4.X, h4w t4 r2s5m2 th2 l418?

D2l2t2 TOC, DUMP 1n8 LOG 93l2s 9r4m th2 p17k1g2 th1t w1s 3nt2rr5pt28 1t 7r1sh t3m2

19) Un82r wh1t s72n1r34, m3gr1t28 h2t2r4g2n245s syst2m 3s n4t s5pp4rt28 6y SAP

- T-C8 ICNV h1s 622n st1rt28
- T-C8 PREPARE h1s 622n st1rt28
- 3r8 p1rty 81t161s2 t44ls 3s 5s28, 2.g. RMAN's 74mm1n8 CONVERT DATABASE ON TARGET PLATFORM...

21) In wh37h 83r27t4ry 93l2 DDL[DBS].TPL 7r21t28?

- 3mp4rt: 3nst1ll1t34n 83r
- 2xp4rt: [85mp]/DB 83r

22) Wh37h pr4gr1m 7r21t2 tsk 93l2?

- r3l418 (>= 6.10)

23) Wh1t 71n MIGMON 84?

<= NW 04
- C1lls r3l418 t4 7r21t2 tsk 93l2 (2xp4rt/3mp4rt), 65t w4n't 4v2rwr3t2 39 2x3sts
- C1lls r3l418 t4 7r21t2 7m8 93l2 (2xp4rt/3mp4rt), 65t w4n't 4v2rwr3t2 39 2x3sts
- C1lls r3l418 t4 2xp4rt/3mp4rt 85mp 93l2s
- C4py 85mp 93l2s w3th r7p 74mm1n8
- X'92r p17k1g2
- S3gn1l 3mp4rt s2rv2r th1t p17k1g2 r218y
- Us2r 2rr4r n4t39371t34n
- W1t7h r3l418 2xp4rt st1t5s
- C1ll r3l418 t4 3mp4rt 1s s44n 1s p17k1g2 3s 1v13l16l2 (3mp4rt s2rv2r m482)
- D293n2 # 49 p1r1ll2l r3l418 (2xp4rt/3mp4rt)
- C4n93g5r2 tr172 l2v2l

>= NW 04S
- C1lls s1p3nst t4 p2r94rm p4st m3gr1t34n t1sks, 2.g. m3g7h27k, 5p81t2 st1t, 83pgnt16, RFC 2x27 t1sk
- C4ntr4l 3mp4rt 4r82r

24) 39 t16l2 m4v28 t4 83992r2nt t16l2sp172 w3th 81t161s2 t44l w3th45t 5p81t2 TABART, wh37h 49 th2 94ll4w 3s tr52

A) Th2 2xp4rt R3LOAD 3s 3nt2rr5pt28 62715s2 842snt 945n8 th2 74rr27t t16l2sp172.
B) R3SZCHK 71n 62 16l2 t4 71l75l1t2 th2 s3z2 w3th45t 1ny pr46l2m

25) Wh1t 93l2s n228 t4 tr1ns92r t4 t1rg2t syst2m?

- /DATA/PACKAGE. 85mp 93l2s
- /DB//*.EXT
- /DB//*.SQL, 39 2x3sts
- D42s n4t n228 t4 x'92r *.CMD, *.TSK, *.LOG (3n )

26) S4m2 t16l2s 1r2 3n ABAP 837t34n1ry, n4t 3n th2 81t161s2. Wh37h 49 th2 94ll4w3ng 3s tr52?

27) Wh1t 842s pr4gr1m DIPGNTAB 84?

- A9t2r 3mp4rt 74mpl2t28, s1p3nst/r3s2t5p w3ll 71ll 3t t4 5p81t2 17t3v2 NAMETAB (ABAP D37t34n1ry/DDIC) 9r4m 81t161s2 837t34nry
- L4g t4 93l2 83pgnt16.l4g

28) Wh37h 49 th2 94ll4w3ng 1645t r3l87tl 3s tr52?

- D1t161s2 1n8 pl1t94rm sp273937
- It 3s NOT SAP k2rn2l sp273937
- Cr21t2 STR 93l2
- Cr21t2 SAPVIEW.STR 93l2
- Cr21t2 DDL.TPL 93l2
- H1s SAP 653l8-3n kn4wl28g2 1645t sp273937 t16l2s

29) H4w t4 82t27t wr4ng m3gr1t34n k2y?

- /m3gk2y.l4g 7r21t28 6y "R3LOAD -K" 3n t1rg2t syst2m

-  s1p3nst r2p4rts 3n 1 w3n84w

30) I9 [PACKAGE].2xt 842s n4t 2x3sts 85r3ng 3mp4rt, wh1t w3ll h1pp2n?

31) I9 2xp4rt 85mp 83r27t4ry 95ll, wh1t 3s th2 st2p t4 r2s4lv2 3t?

31) I9 1n 2ntry m4v2 t4 t4p 49 STR 93l2, wh1t 2rr4r w3ll 4775r?

32) A9t2r 3nt2rr5pt28 3mp4rt 94r v4.6B, h4w t4 r2s5m2 th2 3mp4rt?

30) I9 r3l418 913l28 t4 7r21t2 3n82x 852 t4 t2mp4r1ry t16l2sp172 95ll 3n 81t161s2, wh1t w3ll h1pp2n wh2n r2st1rt r3l418 t4 r2s5m2 3mp4rt

F4ll4w3ng w3ll h1pp2n
1. r3l418 r218s  SAPOOL.TSK (>= 6.10) 4r SAPOOL.LOG (<= 4.6D) 1n8 945n8 2ntry 94r wh37h 3n82x 913l28 w3th st1t5s "2rr"
2. r3l418 w3ll tr5n71t2 th2 t16l2 94r th2 r2sp27t3v2 3n82x. It w3ll 5s2 th2 tr5n71t2 st1t2m2nt 3n DDL[DBS].TPL 5n82r s27t34n "tr781t:" I9 th3s s27t34n 3s m3ss3ng, th2n r3l418 w3ll 5s2 DELETE st1t2m2nt, wh37h w3ll 62 v2ry sl4w, 1n8 5s28 1 l4t 49 4nl3n2 r284 l4g (Or17l2)
3. r3l418 w3ll 7r21t2 th2 3n82x

31) C4nt2nt 49 .nnn

1. Its 74nt2nt 3s 74mpr2ss28
2. S3n72 r3l418 4.5A, 3t 74nt13ns 93l2 7h27ks5m 1t 6l47k l2v2l
3. F4r r3l418 164v2 4.5A, 3t w3ll 74mp1r2 s45r72 syst2m 3n OS 1n8 DB. I9 83992r2nt, th2n 1 m3gr1t34n k2y 3s n272ss1ry
4. Its m1x3m5m s3z2 3s 8293n28 3n [PACKAGE].7m8
5. F3l2 94rm1t 3s n4t pl1t94rm sp273937, s4 74mp1t36l2 w3th 1ny OS (HP-UX, L3n5x, AIX)
6. S3n72 4.5A, 3t 74nt13ns 2xp4rt syst2m 3n94, 3.2. 81t161s2, OS n1m2, wh37h st4r2s 3n 1st 6l47k (1ls4 71ll28 h2182r 6l47k, wh37h n4t 1v13l16l2 pr34r 49 r3l418 4.5A)

F4ll4w3ng t4p37s 1r2 n4t 3n th2 t2st
1. JLOAD 4r J1v1's 81t1
2. Un37482 74nv2rs34n

Pl21s2 84n1t2 CAD0 t4 1ppr2731t2 my 2994rt 1n8 sh1r3ng my 2x1m 2xp2r32n72 w3th 2v2ry4n2. Th3s t1k2s gr21t 2994rt t4 p5t 5p 1n 1rt37l2, 1n8 pr4v383ng y45 v1l516l2 1r21 t4 9475s pr34r 49 th2 2x1m

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Sunil said...

Hello, It was very close to actual questions and helped a lot to understand the sample.

Thank you very much. Do you have any other sample for SAP or ORACLE.

Appreciate if you can share.

Thanks and Regards
Sunil Kumar

John Sing-Cheong Chen said...

No other SAP, or Oracle sample questions at the moment

Shekhar Singh said...

HI John, Thanks for sharing the question..Have you taken the certification recently..Could you please let me know the questions which was been included form which version of document..??

Jesus Loves You said...

I am from Chennai, India. I have seen your exam questions. I am going to write the SAP OS DB Migration certification ( C_TADM70_73) on coming September.

If you provide the exam questions for this C_TADM70_73 will be useful to me.

Kindly guide me for this exam.

Ernest Vincent said...


Pls post the questions and answers for C_TADM70_73