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Genesys: Why Get Duplicate Agent/Queue in Custom Reports?

Product: Genesys
Module: DMA, CCA, Brio, Crystal Report, Hyperion

Many report designers do not understand the reason of primary key index, which is not limited to Genesys product.

As such, when the reports designed using other fields which could have duplicate, then it is possible to get duplicate username, queue, route point, agent group, etc.

In this example, I will use agent report. Many call centers use other fields for agent, such as Genesys login ID, phone login ID, Genesys Employee ID, etc. In the reporting, especially for CCA (DMA), the primary key is Object_ID, which shows agent's name, and Genesys login ID (username).

In directly, many designers use the human name, and username as filtering criteria, which will trigger duplicate records in following situation:
1. Agent re-created. For example seasonal worker, and people re-join the company
2. Agent change its name, may be typo in the name, or title
3. Agent Genesys login ID changed

1. Join the report between O_, V_, T_, S_ using column OBJECT_ID
2. Speak to user/manager if they are asking something which can't meet with standard CCA tables, such as join with cfg_ tables in CONFIG database
3. Confirmed with user whether want to display DELETED user. If they don't want to display DELETED user, then this is another way to quickly fix the duplicate record without joining with OBJECT_ID. The solution is to add additional filter (WHERE) to say "...and delete_ts is null"

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