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Genesys OCM: Error 80FF0008 Data Type Converting

Product: Genesys
Component: Outbound Contact Manager (OCM)

When clicking on calling list in OCM, following error encountered
This post contain a potential OCM error related to data conversion error


  1. Calling list has Dialing Filter which contain data conversion. Review and remove the conversion formula. E.g. cast, convert, todate, tonumber, field_name/100. Temporary disable Dialing Filter to confirm
  2. Calling list has Viewing Filter which perform data conversion. Temporary disable Viewing Filter to confirm. Review and remove the conversion formula

  1. Data type for the campaign is different than the type defined in database
  2. Format of a specific column is wrong (OCM - Format - check column)

  1. The custom data import program (not through OCM) has bug which load the data wrongly
  2. The data is wrongly formatted, which caused custom data import program to load improper value

1. This error in OCM does not generate any log in backend OCS server. So it is impossible to tell which column that is causing the error
2. This error does not tell any error if it is dialing filter, or viewing filter

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