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Aspect Software: Default UIP Reporting Database Password

Product: Aspect Software
Component: Unified IP
Database Name: UIP_REPORTING (typical name)

Following are default application password for Aspect Software reporting component. All of these are database login, regardless whether it is Oracle, MS SQL Server (any version), IBM DB2, etc

Passwords are case sensitive in MS SQL Server, but not for Oracle 10g and earlier. Oracle can optionally configured (using init.ora, or spfile.ora) to have case sensitive password

Login Password Desc
aspectAWS aspectAWS
aspectDBI aspectDBI
aspectDV aspectDV
aspectQ aspectQ
aspectREC aspectREC


Michael said...

Dude... this totally helped me out! I needed better credentials than the ones given by Aspect support... ccproquery.

Now, I can better automate my data gathering for outbound dialer results stored in application_epro.


Unknown said...

This is very helpful! Does anyone know the ccproquery password? That is nice to have for R/O access for reporting. I seem to have misplaced it. :)