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Genesys Outbound OCM: Control Campaign Viewing Privilege/Permission

Product: Genesys CTI Suite 5.x - 8.x
Module: Outbound Contact Manager (OCM)

In order to limit different agents to see their own campaigns, campaign groups and calling lists, following are require (use CME)

1. Create an Access Group, says HR_AccGrp. Grant this Access Group to the selected agent
2. Create a sub-folder under Table Access to keep the selective table access objects together for ease of management, and privilege management
3. Create a sub-folder for Calling List like above
4. Create a sub-folder for Campaigns like above
5. Change privilege of root folder Table Access, Calling List, Campaigns, Agent Groups (if any) to have read + execute access by HR_AccGrp. Do not propagate the change to sub-folder else they will have full visibility, which is not desire
6. Change privilege of each of the sub-folder created for Table Access, Calling List, Campaigns, Agent Groups (if any) to have read+execute privilege access by HR_AccGrp
7. Launch OCM with the agent login to verify the account can only see the campaigns, calling lists, and agent groups defined in the sub-folder

If any privilege is missing, following error will appear in OCM after it prompts for OCS server

Error reading configuration

Other related objects that may need to verify, if someone purposely revoke the privileges are

Time Zones

Remember that both root folder, sub-folders and the objects itself contains the privilege. Think about the privilege in both CME and OCM as outbound manager may need access to CME to administrate their own campaigns as well, like user management among several campaigns

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