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Crystal Report: Reasons for "Encapsulation Page Error"

Product: BusinessObject Crystal Report

Following are possible cause for "Encapsulating Page Failed"

1. If uses sub-report, ensure sub-report's database authentication is correct
2. If rpt file is from other database environment, or not from original designer, open the rpt with Crystal Report designer, then execute it to identify any database related error. Possible errors
2.1. View does not exists
2.2. Column does not exists
2.3. Database function does not exists
2.4. No privilege to access table or view which get false alarm that view or table does not exists
2.5. Database account locked, or password expired
2.6. Other database related error
3. If using NTFS, ensure BusinessObject installation directory has proper privilege. Re-install the product if can't identify the exact NTFS privilege
4. Bug in Crystal Report server. Install the latest Service Pack to the server, not to Crystal Report designer

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