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Genesys Hacking - Calling List Filter SQL

Product: Genesys Suite
Version: 5.x and above (worked with 8)
Module: Outbound Contact Server

Follow query can display list of filters available for all campaigns in OCM. It is useful when developing custom campaign or calling list import program, which uses filter defined in OCM

connect gowner@cfg
select fltr.Name, fltr.Description, Flex.Prop_Name, flex.Prop_Value
from cfg_filter fltr, cfg_flex_prop flex
where flex.object_type = 29
and flex.prop_type = 0
and flex.parent_dbid <> 0
and flex.object_dbid = fltr.dbid
and fltr.tenant_dbid = 101

In MS SQL Server, and MySQL database server, it is possible to configure the database, table, or column to be case insensitive. Following example show how to make the SELECT to be case sensitive for MS SQL Server. There are several other strategy to make the global, or default for column which I won't cover here. Ask me if you need assistant

select, prop_value
from cfg_filter fl, cfg_flex_prop flexp
where flexp.object_type = 29 and flexp.prop_type = 0 and flexp.parent_dbid <> 0 and flexp.object_dbid = fl.dbid and fl.tenant_dbid = 101
and = 'HR' collate sql_latin1_general_cp1_cs_as

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