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GAD not showing active outbound campaign

Product: Genesys CTI Suite
Module: Outbound
Application: OCM, GAD

When there is a HA active hot standby OCS server, following scenario may occur

1. OCS fail-over to hot standby node
2. Although there are active campaigns loaded, and active, agent login to GAD browser will not able to see any active campaign

Root cause:
When OCS server fail-over, the secondary OCS server was unable to connect to Genesys Stat server. Therefore, it causes GAD not showing any active campaign

Ensure OCS server can connect to Genesys Stat server. Bounce Stat server first, follow by OCS server if needed, such as process used up too much memory. This could be the fastest time to resolution as compare to spend time to determine and terminate the process which cause the trouble.

In PROD environment, utilities are often not install to determine the root cause, or perform these effective analysis, and resolution. If this applies to your setup, bouncing is the first option, while install the utilities will be pro-active measure

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