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Solving Missing Value in Crystal Report Parameter Screen

Product: BusinessObject XI
Problem description:
In parameter screen, any dynamic parameter which contains value longer than 5,000 rows will only show the first 5,000

Root cause:
BusinessObject default to retrieve first 5,000 records for the dynamic parameter. This is to eliminate major impact to database server. This configuration is a global value that user configurable in Windows Registry

Launch Registry Editor (regedit.exe), and navigate to following
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE - SOFTWARE - Business Objects - Suite 12.0 - Crystal Reports - DatabaseOptions - LOV

Change following 2 keys to max number of records that applicable. I don't recommend to put in more than 10,000 as it is not practical to let user select 10,000 values in parameter screen

MaxRecordsToRead - Default is 5,000
MaxRowsetRecords - Default is 5,000

If using Crystal Report CMC, then bounce Crystal Report server to activate these configuration

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