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SAP BarTender (Zebra printer) Label Printer Configuration

Software: SAP
Printer software: BarTender
Printer name: Zebra Label Printer

A lot of SAP administrator has no clue about enterprise label printer setup, which commonly uses BarTender from Seagull Scientific.

Label printer is generally too simple, so BarTender offers end users with extra control to minimize wasting of expansive label (tube label, patient band label).

However, this advance software confused all the SAP administrators, and thinking this is just a normal printer and uses printer driver provided by Zebra (for example).

If you ever heard of Seagull Scientific BarTender, always uses printer driver provided by Seagull Scientific, which contains extra tab in printer properties showing BarTender logo.

Go to following homepage and download BarTender-aware printer driver

There are 2,600 printer drivers provided by them, so only download and install those which are applicable.

BarTender has a license server to track number of printers and users in use. If you are doing high availability, remember to notify Seagull for licensing, and deploy the registration number to multiple license server. In each BarTender client (any PC which added BarTender Zebra label printer driver), configure to point to virtual IP of BarTender license server

One of the trick is BarTender printer driver may resolve strange printer behavior which you may encounter with any software, such as Crystal Report, Siebel, SAP, Oracle APEX, etc. As it is re-written by Seagull Scientific, its functionality and behavior is different than those supplied by manufacturer, Linux and Microsoft. Try it as last resort if you run into printer integration problem

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