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Hacking Genesys: Find out all DAP's database configuration

Product: Genesys
Sub-product: Configuration Manager (CME)

Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Portugal asking SQL query to get a full of DAP name, database server name, database name, and database user name.

With my expertise in hacking Genesys backend, it just took 30 min to figure out the SQL

Select DAP_Name,
   prop859.prop_value DBserver_Host,
   prop864.prop_value DBname,
   prop865.prop_value Username_DB,
   prop867.prop_value DBEngine,
   case app.state when 1 then 'Y' else 'N' end is_Enabled
from cfg_flex_prop prop859,
    cfg_flex_prop prop864,
    cfg_flex_prop prop865,
    cfg_flex_prop prop867,
cfg_application app
    prop859.prop_name = 'dbserver'
and prop864.prop_name = 'dbname'
and prop865.prop_name = 'username'
and prop867.prop_name = 'dbengine'
and app.type = 8
and app.dbid = prop859.object_dbid
and app.dbid = prop864.object_dbid
and app.dbid = prop865.object_dbid
and app.dbid = prop867.object_dbid

DAP_Name        DBserver_Host DBname     Username_DB DBEngine Is_Enabled
--------------- ------------- ---------- ----------- -------- ----------
cscDAP_Log      iccs-db1      GLog       logowner    oracle   Y
cscDAP_ERS      iccs-db1      GERS       genesys     oracle   Y
cscDAP_OCS      iccs-db1      GOCS       ocs         oracle   Y
cscDAP_STAT     iccs-db1      GSTAT      gstat       oracle   Y
cscDAP_DataSrc  iccs-db1      GDATAM     dsourcer    oracle   Y
cscDAP_IRD1     iccs-db1      GConfig    genesys     oracle   Y
cscDAP_Interact iccs-db1      GIxn       genesys     oracle   Y
cscDAP_UCS      iccs-db1      GUCS       genesys     oracle   Y
cscDAP_CCA      iccs-db1      GDATAMART  cca         oracle   Y
cscDAP_IRD2     iccs-db1      GConfig    genesys     oracle   Y

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Works great.

Thanks a lot