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Hacking Genesys: Find out all DAP Name, Version, Status

Product: Genesys CTI Suite
Sub-product: Configuration Manager

Although Genesys offer very user friend GUI called Configuration Manager (CME), hacking it from database level is fun, besides can do the job much quicker

Following SQL can run against CONFIG database which used by CME at the back

select * from cfg_application where name = 'DAP_DM' or type = 8

Following information will be shown in a glance
1. dbid of application
2. name of application as see in CME
3. type = 8 for DAP
4. version
5. is_server
6. state value 1 is enable, 2 is disable
7. app_prototype_dbid
8. csid
9. app_prototype_csid
10. work_directory not applicable for DAP
11. command_line not applicable for DAP
12. auto_restart
13. startup_timeout
14. redundancy_type
15. is_primary
16. cmd_line_args not applicable for DAP

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