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Genesys with BusinessObject (Crystal Report) Business View Filter

Product #1: Genesys CCA
Product #2: SAP BusinessObject

When using Crystal Report (BusinessObject designer) to design report for Genesys CCA (DataMart), Business View Manager is a common software that will be used for advance customization.

This screen shows how to enable filtering in Business Element called "O_Queue_No_Agg be"

My advice is not to create filter in Data Foundation layer, but in Business Element layer. Keep all the filter and parameter definition in this layer, which will be inherited by Business View, List of Values, and Prompt Groups

Please note that by default, filter's right is "Not Applied." Designer needs to modify the right to apply to Everyone, or fine grain user/group control.

There is no way to use Business View Manager nor Crystal Reports designer to see the generated SQL, nor value with the filter applied. The trick I used is to open Business Element, and choose "Right Test View" from Tools pull down menu. It will display Crystal syntax for it.

In my example, I only want to show virtual queue that has naming convention VQ in front of the queue name.

For anyone who is using my design, please create index on O_Queue_No_Agg table on column Object_Name for performance tuning.

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