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BusinessObject Crystal Report Firewall Configuration

Product: BusinessObject

Open following ports in firewall in order for Crystal Report Designer, Business View Manager, or any thick client to connects to Central Management Console

If using web interface, then only need port 80 of the web server

1. Protocol TCP port 6400

Note: Needs to go to web portal of Central Management Console, and configure fix port
1. Select "Servers" from drop down list box on upper left hand corner
2. Click "Servers List" on left panel, look for "Kind" name "Central Management Server"
3. Double click on it, and it will open Properties window
4. Scroll down to section "Common Settings"
5. Disable "Auto Assign" checkbox
6. Fill in "Request Port" as 6400
7. Click "Save and Close" button

There are other ports if you are using following
Web Application Server port, protocol TCP port 8080. Recommend to set to port 80 due to common corporate security rule
Server Intelligence Agent (SIA) port, protocol TCP port 6410

Note: Any port above is default value. It is configurable to other port

For load balancing, provide virtual hostname to Crystal Report designers, Business View Manager users, as well as Tomcat web server to connect to CMC. In firewall, open the port base on virtual IP, and physical IP.

Although open access to physical IP is optional, it is critical for technical support team to identify the problem, and shorten the time-to-resolution by 99%

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