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New Release SonicView SV-360 Elite

On 18-April-2008 SonicView released another new model of FTA satellite receiver, with the model name SV-360 Elite (one out of 3 new models expecting to release this year).

This FTA receiver has following features which never find on other FTA receiver on the market:
  1. Record 2 channels concurrently, regardless of satellite, and transponder (tp)
  2. 3 USB 2.0 connections, 1 at front, 2 at rear
  3. 64 MB DDR RAM
  4. 4 MB flash (this is regular)
  5. Background photo slides in radio (ViewSat has similar feature in their new firmware, but does not work)
I am not sure whether there is a limit on the USB hard disk size. Next SV-360 HD model will support external SATA, which comes with 1 e-SATA slot at the rear. It is not release yet at the moment.

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