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Print: HP LaserJet IPP Configuration

Product: HP Color LaserJet, LaserJet
Sub-product: JetDirect

This post is to describe how to connect to HP laser printer which can be both their Color LaserJet, monochrome LaserJet from early 1990 to now.

This is specific about IPP connectivity as HP done a poor documentation on it.  I will be using HP Color LaserJet 4600N, but most entry to high end HP printers used JetDirect, so this step is applicable.

There are confusion about network printer and share printer configuration, as some people think network printer is a share printer, but the word "share" printer here means there is another computer that is in the middle of printer.  Typically, it is a Windows OS that serving the "share" printer, and you need to power up the Windows computer in order to print.

Although TCP/IP network printer configuration has a long history, and supported by many OS, it is not widely accepted in phone and tablet.  IPP protocol that runs on port 80 in JetDirect using http (or https) comes handy for both phone and tablet.

  1. Open browser to access the printer.  For my printer, it will be the JetDirect web page
  2. Let's assume the hostname is lj4600 and IP is
  3. Enter URL: http://lj4600 (used default port 80), or (used default port 80)
  4. It will open up the printer administration page
  5. Click on tab "Networking"
  6. Select TCP/IP to fill in the hostname.  IPP is enabled when TCP/IP is enabled, so no extra configuration required
  7. For my printer, the hostname is lj4600
  8. The hostname will be indirect used as printer name in the printer end, as well as the Windows printer client end, and cannot be modified
  9. Save the setting, and we are done in the printer end's configuration
  10. To verify the setting, close and reopen the main page http://lj4600
  11. Click on Networking tab, and the top line will show the hostname and IP as "lj4600 /"
  12. This confirmed that the hostname and printer name is lj4600

Windows Network Printer configuration

  1. Depending on Widows OS version, the step to add printer will be different, so I will based on Windows 7
  2. Go to Devices and Printers, and click "Add a printer"
  3. Click second button "Add a network, wireless or Bluetooth printer"
  4. At the bottom of the search printer screen, click on button "The printer that I want isn't listed"
  5. Select second radio button "Select a shared printer by name"
  6. Fill in the HP IPP printer http URL "http://lj4600/printers/lj4600" or ""

  7. In above URL, the first part can be printer's host name of lj4600 or IP  The port will always the default port 80
  8. The second part "/printers/" is fix syntax, and HP's document doesn't describe much about it.  This cannot be changed.  Even the JetDirect control only 1 printer (printer's build-in adapter), this is still required
  9. The last part is the printer name, and it is the hostname.  JetDirect web admin console doesn't allow to specify a different name.  In fact, there is no IPP configuration screen in it
  10. Click on Next button, and choose your appropriate Color LaserJet, or monochrome LaserJet driver.  For me, I will need to download the HP printer driver ahead of time
  11. After this is completed, the printer name will be "lj4600 on http://lj4600" if you use hostname, or "lj4600 on" if you used IP address

TCP/IP Printer vs IPP Printer Setup

  • IPP printer configuration is more stable than TCP/IP printer (on default port 9100)
  • Phone and tablet support IPP printer than TCP/IP
  • Both allows remote printer through Internet


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