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CIKtel: Closing YouTube Message "Discover and add more channels....."

Company: CIKtel ISP
IPTV Model: MC600S
Application: YouTube

I have a CIKtel IPTV player with  above device that given by CIKtel. I would like to share the experience of using YouTube.

Firstly, an USB mouse is a requirement for using YouTube. The remote control have following problems:
  1.  It cannot close the help tips when you launch YouTube for the very first time. The message is "Discover and add more channels to follow here" with an OK button on the bottom of the screen as shown below. The remote control does not see this help message, so it cannot close it. Pressing any button on the remote control will allow you to the YouTube channels on the background as the tips never appear
Figure 1: YouTube channel subscription tips
  1. It cannot play any video that shown on the right panel. It is useless if you can't play any video, which is the primary function of YouTube
There are 2 USB ports to the right side of the device, which accept USB mouse as well as USB keyboard. I used an old Microsoft  mouse, and it recognized in 5 seconds, although there is no beep to notify me. Immediately after that I can see an arrow show up on my TV and able to navigate just like in PC

You can use any USB bluetooth mouse, wireless mouse, wired mouse, or trackball. The USB mouse technology is pretty standard and compatible between PC, Apple, Android.  I just dislike the fact that CIKtel QA team is not doing a good job in communicating with customer, and leave it to customer to find out themselves. I would like to highlight that CIKtel purposely designed their App Store to only allow installing Android apps which tested by them, so I do expect some message/tips to show on the screen when launching YouTube for the first time

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NINear said...

Thank you! It works! now my son can watch youtube on TV.