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SAP BO Data Services: Missing SAP BO Data Services Job Server

Product: SAP BusinessObject Data Services
Version: 4.x

While I was installing SAP BusinessObject Data Services IPS and Job Server with Oracle database server, where all are running in DHCP with dynamic IP. I don't want to add these IP into DNS while doing proof-of-concept.

Very soon I discovered I made a mistake to use IP while configuring database server connectivity, which affects entire SAP Data Services and SAP CMC installation. Anything that has a repository in database are broken soon after I reboot Oracle database, because the IP address of the database server changed (dynamic IP).

My immediate action is to add a temporary hostname to Windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts to point to the dynamic IP of Oracle database server, as well as all the new SAP BusinessObject servers that I am installing.

Subsequently, I login to CMC and changed every database connectivity to temporary hostname that I added just now from IP.

After everything completed, things are working properly, except when trying to execute Data Services job, no Data Services Job Server is found.

Following are some screenshots of the problem

1. Login to Data Services Managment Console

2. Click on Administrator link to view server status

3. Found 1 Data Services repository I created during installation, called JobRepo1

4. This repository name is configured by CMC (Central Management Console) under Data Services. If I change the database login from CMC, it will immediately reflect the change in above Data Services page

5. Clicking on Access Servers, nothing is defined. I'm not sure whether this required manual setup (clicking on Add button to add), or due to my database server's IP change. Anyway, simple task to click on Add button

6. I'm going to show the problem now by executing a batch job. You can see that field "Job Server or Server Group" is empty, and I can't choose a Data Services Job Server, even if I click on the dropdown button
7. This implies my Data Services Job Server is broken due to dynamic IP. So I launch Data Services Server Manager

8. From Data Services Server Manager, I can see there is 1 Job Server defined called JobServer1
9. Clicks on button "Configuration Editor..." to view more info
10. I went in and click every where as well as checked in Task Manager, I can see Job Server running, with a process name al_jobserver.exe. After days and attempts, I found the solution is to delete it and add back again

11. Highlight JobServer1, and click on Delete button

12. You will need to delete the database repository first, and supply the database password. Click on Delete button under "Associated Repositories"

13. Click OK to return to previous screen, then click Add button to re-create the JobServer1. Specify the database connection
14. After clicked OK button, process al_jobserver.exe should be launch automatically, but you can click on "Close and Restart" button. This is really not required from my finding
 15. Return back to Step 6 and 1 entry will be showing for Data Services Job Server

Data Services Job Server Verification

Another way to verify Job Server is detected from Data Services Managment Console is using Server Groups

1. Navigates to Server Groups - All Server Groups
2. Click on ServerGroupConfiguration

3. Click on button Add, and a list of Data Services Job Server will be shown

If it is not shown, then there is a problem with the DS Job Server, which can use above steps to re-create them, or define additional Job Server using Data Services Server Manager

Please note that Job Server repository is defined from CMC and there is no daemon attached, while Job Server defined in Data Services Server Manager and it has 1 al_jobserver.exe daemon for each Job Server entry defined.

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