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ISP: CIKtel SVG6000RW Configuration

Model: SVG6000RW

Recently signed up with CIKtel, and received a free VoIP + WiFi box from them.

This is a white color mini square box very much like a compact media player, and made in China. The build quality looks below average, but it has build in VoIP as well as a N band WiFi.

I tried hunting high and low for the login to the web console, as well as making tons of call into CIKtel customer service, cable service e-mail, and technical support, but none of them able to tell me how to login to the box to configure the WiFi SSID, or view the SIP login information.

Finally I told the customer service to escalate to their technical support and call me back. After 2 days of waiting, finally there is 1 support personnel who given me the login

Login URL: (Depending on your router IP. Basically look at your PC's IP then replace the last digit with 1)
Username: cikuser (newer firmware), user (older firmware)
Password: cikvoip

This login only can configure the WiFi functionality, but cannot create additional user account, nor configure SIP phone.

CIKtel is reluctant to provide me the superuser login which can configure VoIP, and told me that while I am using their VoIP, they managed it. If I don't use it, then it cannot be re-use for other VoIP provider. That's the reason for free VoIP/WiFi at the first place.

I have to hack the VoIP with other approach, but this is the information I found from

It is saying the X-Lite login is as below, but it is dated 2007., and I am unable to figure out what is the SIP password as CIK is giving me nothing about it I have to request for the SIP password explicitly and for several days only then they give me the password. He told me that their SIP server is not stable with other SIP client other than their VoIP ATA adapter, so they are not sharing the info with customer.

Anyway, I found it works for x-Lite softphone: (get from VoIP router)
Enabled: Yes
Display Name: 4165487147 (your phone number)
Username: 999****** (get from VoIP router)
Authorization User: CIK******* (get from VoIP router)
Password: **** (call or e-mail CIK to ask. Not provided by default)
Domain/Realm: (get from VoIP router)
SIP Proxy: (get from VoIP router)
Out Bound Proxy: (get from VoIP router)

More hacking to be done to find out how to login to their SIP server

Please donate CAD$1 for me spending 1 weeks looking high and low in the Internet, and knowledge in WiFi, VoIP, X-Lite, SIP, hacking

Update 2013-11-24

I have been able to use 3CXPhone SIP client to use CIKtel's phone in my Android phone, Samsung Galaxy Note 2 without problem. CIKtel's customer support has been saying their SIP will not be compatible with any SIP client and not stable, but I proof them wrong. I made a 15 min voice call from 3CXPhone SIP client without any disconnect. This works in Apple iPAD as well

Pay me CAD$50 if you need help set it up, but support is chargeable


AFX said...

how to get CIK to give you superuser login which can configure VoIP?

Sing-Cheong Chen said...

CIKtel support told me that their VoIP device is using custom firmware, which is not compatible to use with most SIP VoIP provider. I have a long discussion and argue with them, but what they stand is that they are giving away the free device only to use with their VoIP server, and not intent for customer to re-use it for other VoIP. Once you terminate the account, you can't use it for other VoIP provider. As the result, they stand firm that they are not giving up the superuser login to VoIP box for customer to re-configure it. In other word, trash it if you are not using CIKtel's VoIP.

I asked what about VoIP device was broken, and they replied that they will replace for free, even if replace with brand new device, or a newer model in future. They are providing life time warranty for it.

1T2 said...

Thanks so much! I was looking for the password for Grandstream for a long time, and this is great, setting up PPPOE super easily.

1T2 said...

Thanks so much! I was looking for the password for Grandstream for a long time, and this is great, setting up PPPOE super easily.

Master Tech said...

Did you have any trouble with slow speed with wireless uing the CIK router, I am have huge problem with that. And dont know what I should do

Sing-Cheong Chen said...

My free CIKtel WiFi router/modem unit is not stable with WiFi connectivity. So I basically connect its LAN port to my personal Cisco E4200 802.11n WiFi.

I used my friend's CIKtel WiFi last week, and I can understand the sub-1Mbps speed that you are experiencing. Trust me on using good WiFi instead of CIKtel's unit

Steve Nam said...

Thank you Sing-Cheong, this is very helpful information. I guess CIK had to do this because they are not charging an arm and a leg for the unlimited internet/phone/ivtv bundle.

Man do I hate their customer support, there is virtually NONE!

Zhang Victor said...

Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to port forward, because in the help page (only available in Chinese), it says there is a port forward page. But i've gone through all the pages and couldn't find the port forward page.