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Camera: Force Change of File Modify Date

Product: EXIFTool

I am very frustrating that when copying the pictures and video from SD card (from camera) to Windows NTFS, the file creation date and last access date are both changed to the current time.

This confused me when I sort the pictures/video using file creation date using Windows Explorer. MS-DOS FAT used to have many utilities which can force file creation date, but in Windows, I found EXIFTool command line program.

It provides many feature which I can set the File Modification Date, Last Access Date, and any EXIF, IPTC, RAW files' value.

Following are some commands which I used

1. Set both file modify date, and last access date
1.1. File's modify date set to date creation in EXIF
1.2. Save the new file to directory chg
1.3. Picture file name is _dsc4816.jpg

exiftool "-DateTimeOriginal>FileModifyDate" -o chg _dsc4816.jpg

2. Adjust all EXIF time by additional 12 hours, due to 12 hr different in the timezone, which not set correctly in the camera when I took the pictures
2.1. Change all pictures resides in directory chg
2.2. Create new files in directory chg2
2.3. Add extra 12 hours to the time values of all meta tag in EXIF

exiftool -AllDates+=12:00 -P -o chg2 chg

3. Display all time related setting for specific file
3.1. File is chg\_dsc5954.jpg

d:\temp\exiftool -time:all chg\_dsc5954.jpg

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