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Genesys Hacking #3: Guess/Hack Genesys Database Password

Product: Genesys
Database Type: MS SQL Server
3rd Party Software: Price USD$79.95

This article is shows the steps to hack into Genesys database server, if it is MS SQL Server of any version.

1. Download Database Password Recovery Tool from above company
2. Shutdown Genesys applications, and MS SQL Server
3. Install the utility into MS SQL Server (if want to hack the password)
4. Alternatively, copy out master.mdf file into local PC where the utility install (if want to get username listing only). The file name must be called master.mdf
5. Launch the utility, and open master.mdf for the MS SQL Server
6. A list of database username will display. Stop here if you don't need to hack the password
6. Click on username sa, and Ctrl-C to change password (backup master.mdf if scare of corruption)
7. Startup MS SQL Server, and you will be able to login as sa, and reset the rest of the password

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