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Crystal Report: Default input directory

Product: BusinessObject XI
AKA: Crystal Report
Module: Central Management Server (CMS)

It is often to see following file name in CMS web UI about the Crystal Report files. If you wonder where is the exact file location, copy out all the rpt, or change its location. This post will show you the detail

For example, rpt report "Interactive Parameters" stores in location "frs://Input/a_178/003/..." So where is so call Input directory? It is a parameter name in CMS which is configurable to any directory.

Default Directory: C:\Program Files\Business Objects\BusinessObjects Enterprise 12.0\FileStore\Input\

Login to CMS web portal with a username who has privilege to view the server configuration (if just need to view, and not to change).

Change the drop down list box on top to "Servers" to display server's configuration

On left panel, click on Service Categories - Core Services, and look for server name containing name ".InputFileRepository." The column "Kind" will show "File Repository Server." You will see 2 entries, one for "Input" and one for "Output"

 Double click on entry with ".InputFileRepository" to view its parameters

Placeholder %DefaultInputFRSDir% (I called it parameter) is the location of frs://Input, while %DefaultOutputFRSDir% is frs://Output.

You can create additional place holder and used in report export purpose, so that end users does not need to know the exact location. This simplify them if there is a storage upgrade, or directory re-org. It will be invisible to them during such migration/upgrade/re-org

During report scheduling, following default output destination is referring to parameter %DefaultOutputFRSDir% configured above. Change it if you need to

End users can specify their own custom output directory as needed. Following screenshot, I am reusing existing parameter Output, but adding 2 sub-directory called HR, and 2012-02. This is another simpler approach to organized the files without adding parameter (place holder)

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