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Genesys OCS: Force Campaign Callback

Product: Genesys 5.x - 8.x
Component: Outbound Contact Server

Besides a record can set to campaign callback by agent (GAD, or custom softphone), it is also possible to configure directly from OCM.

Following is the step to hack it

  1. Set column record_type = Campaign CallBack. In export mode, or SQL*Plus, the value is 6
  2. Set column dial_sched_time to desire callback time with local timezone. This is EPOCH time in SQL*Plus, which is number of second since 1970-01-01 + timezone
  3. Set record_status = Ready. In export mode, or SQL*Plus the value is 1
Testing procedure:
  1. Login to GAD and change status to Ready
  2. Launch OCM. The callback record's record_status will always be Ready until it passed the time
  3. Wait for extra 1.5 - 2 minutes, and record_status will change to "Retrieved"
  4. Agent should get the callback record after retrieve a couple regular record
Other factors to consider:
  1. timezone is different, and needs to adjust the dial_sched_time to match local time
  2. daily_from and daily_till time is not within current time, so OCS won't pick up the record
  3. agent not login to GAD, but physical phone. Needs to use GAD or custom softphone
  4. configured wrong date in dial_sched_time. Used OCM to verify
In case troubleshooting is required, search OCS server log using following keywords

  1. Campaign name
  2. Calling list name
  3. @RecType = 6
  4. Buffer Size Coefficient Optimal value is set too high. Configure it lower
  5. RequestMakeCall
  6. 'Record_Type' 6
  7. Place name of the test agent
  8. EventUserEvent(PreviewRecordRequest)
  9. CallPreview[]::RequestMakeCall {
  10. message RequestDistributeUserEvent
  11. SQL: sp123423182267 @CampID = '123' (check log to determine the actual store procedure number, and cfg_campaign for the CampID)

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