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Genesys: Solving Config Server in read-only mode

Product: Genesys CTI Suite 7.x to 8
Module: Configuration Server

Under unknown scenario, Genesys Config server may starts and complain another instance of Config server is running. This is more often in HA environment where there are 2 machine running primary/backup Config server.

This post assume you have done all checks and verification for backup Config server, and verified Task Manager that no other Config server is running, and certainly not network or database issue.

Common message in Config server's log: Another Configuration Server is detected

Option 1: Possibility of Windows run away process
1. Try reboot Windows if possible. If can't, skip this. For Windows, you can't trust Task Manager, but use Process Explorer to verify whether Config server is really terminated

Option 2: Possibility of backup Config server improperly switching to primary role, but in transient and never complete the process
2. Shutdown backup Config server, then restart primary Config server

Option 3: DB Server used by Config server is passing wrong info
1. Restart Genesys DB Server used by Config server. Verified Connectivity tab of Config server to determine the name of the DB Server
2. Then restart primary Config server

Option 4: Possibility Oracle listener down
1. Checks to ensure Oracle listener is up (if using Oracle database)
2. Oracle database and listener are 2 different process. So database up does not mean listener is up, or able to connect (if listener setup for RAC, fail-over, load balancing)
3. Runs SQL*Plus from Genesys DB Server (the one used by Config server) and login with the username and password configured in CME to ensure it is able to connect. Assume Oracle is not install in the same box as DB Server
4. If DB Server and Oracle database server install in same box, then use following command to test

sqlplus username/password@configdbprod

Note: Fill in username and password with actual username. Replace database listener name configdbprod with actual listener name

5. Listener name above is may not be the database name, although it is often configured so. If using RAC, then there are many more names. Used the name that configured to used by DB Server. If have problem then test other name to determine the root cause. Ask me if you need assistant in Genesys with Oracle RAC database environment

Option 4: Table config.cfg_refresh contains invalid value that confused Config server
1. Verify the content of table cfg_refresh. Ask me if you need to know how to find the database and query it. I am expert in database as well
2. During every shutdown of primary and backup Config server, verify its content before and after
3. During every startup of primary and backup Config server, verify its content
4. While keeping Config server down, note down its value (it is only 2 columns for ver 7.x) before making any change, but after you notified its pattern
5. Don't modify value for column NOTIFY_ID
6. Change value of column REFERSH

update cfg_refresh set refresh = 0

7. Startup primary Config server

Long term solution:
1. Upgrade to Config Server 8.0.300.30 or higher. This is a product bug

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