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Genesys ETL and DataSourcer Purging Configuration

Product: Genesys Call Center Analyzer

This post mainly discuss about configuring purging of DataSourcer server instead of ETL Service/ETL Assistant.

It is easy to find information or from ETL Assistant about configuring data retention, but less for DataSourcer

There are 2 places which can configure purging of data in DataSourcer. Personally I prefer to keep the raw data in DataSourcer (the database commonly called ods) for troubleshooting purpose, as well as providing evidents to Genesys support. In addition, with some hacking in ETL database (commonly called datamart or cca), it is possible to redo ETL from it (ods -> datamart).

Above screen shot shows in DataSourcer (using CME administration GUI), you can specify table size for OL_DATA[nnnnn] before it is dropped. ETL Service will drop the table once it hit the size (after data transferred into datamart database).

In file, enable following line to automatically drop OL_DATA[nnnn] table, once all data transferred into datamart database


Simply specifying "dropTransferredTables" implies immediately drop OL_DATA[nnnn] table once all statistics copied into datamart database. The faster the database/server, as well as frequent the ETL service wake up, the earlier OL_DATA[nnnn] tables will drop.

Uses Genesys Data Modeling Assistant to review when the OL_DATA[nnnn] has been dropped. When it shows a value in "Delete Time" that means OL_DATA[nnnn] table is dropped. There is no way to undo it, which indirectly will make troubleshooting impossible.

Using Oracle flashback feature, it is possible to revert to previous data within seconds then login to DMA to review it

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