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3CX Unblock blacklisted IP

Software Type: Software IP PBX
Software Name: 3CX Phone System 10
Vendor Homepage:

By default 3CX has anti hacker feature which blacklisted IP when phone login failed more than 25 times. It is common that during phone installation, the phone will hit this threshold within a couple minutes.

Follow this procedure to unlock the phone, or remove the blacklist IP

1. Login to web server, in my case it is http://localhost:5000/MainForm.wgx
2. Login as admin
3. Click on 3CX Phone System - Settings - Advanced
4. Click on tab IP Blacklist
5. Blacklisted IP will be listed with information
5.1. IP Address
5.2. Subnet Mask
5.3. Expiration Date
5.4. Description
6. Select the IP you want to delete, and click Delete on the toolbar

Works with my Cisco 7970

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