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Hacking Genesys GAD Password

1. Require access to CME to change GAD server's option
2. Change log options below to debug
2.1. ADDP
2.2. Ail
2.3. console
2.4. filter
2.5. GD
2.6. GSD
2.7. root
2.8. debug, /genesys/log/gad/gad.log,2000,5
3. Check log file gad.log and search for text "DEBUG .beanutils.BeanUtils    setProperty(com.genesyslab.uadthin.agent.LogonForm@4c9fec, userPassword, [this is the password])"
4. userPassword will contain the password
5. To get the username, search for setProperty(com.genesyslab.uadthin.agent.LogonForm@4c9fec, userName, [this_is_the_username])

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