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Genesys Table Access Name and Database Table Name

Product: Genesys
Client Software Name: Configuration Manager (CME)
Area: Outbound

In CME, when configured a calling list, it is tie to a container for database table called Table Access Name. Under table access name, then it contain the exact database name (Database Access Point DAP), and table name.

CME allows user to change the Table Access Name in real time to point to any database (DAP) and table name. This allow quick and simple rename of table name in database level

Following SQL can be used to query the underlying Genesys configuration table to determine the table access name and database table name. This is useful when used by calling list loading program

MS SQL Server, or Sybase

SELECT name as table_access_name, db_table_name
FROM [GENESYS-CONFIGDB-SERVER].[config].[DBO].[cfg_table_access]


connect genesys@configprod
SELECT name as table_access_name, db_table_name
FROM cfg_table_access

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