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Canada PR Procedure

  1. SPM result, both Malay and English version. Apply from Malaysia Education Ministry in Jalan Duta to get the English version. Submit photocopy version. No need to certify
  2. Marriage certificate. Both Malay and English version. For Eng version, pay $20 in marriage department. Submit both Malay and English version, photocopy version. No need to certify
  3. Fill in PR application form, which includes both date and password for each family member
  4. Birth certificate, both Malay and English version. For English version, ask Malaysia Literature Translation. Submit both Malay and English photocopy version
  5. PR size photos * 6
  6. Bank draft for PR in Malaysia currency
Wait for 3 months to get letter from High Commission of Canada which notify us that they received the application and print the immigration file number in the letter.

Wait for 2 years 5 months to get notify what other additional documents require. At this stage, they will request to perform medical check in authorize clinic. If husband and wife are in different country, we can go to authorize clinic in each country. However, need to use the form supplied, which requires 2 more PR size photos and about CAD$200 for doctor fee, x-ray, and urine test.

The letter will also request for FBI police clearance report, Malaysia police clearance report, and Canada police clearance report. For FBI police clearance report, print of the fingerprint form, and make the finger print myself. Mail the form to FBI together with bank draft in US currency, which takes 3 months to get the result. Request FBI to mail back to me. For Malaysia police clearance report, fill in the form, get lawyer for oath, and mail to police. Request them to mail back to me. For Canada police clearance, fill in fingerprint form with authorize fingerprint center in Canada. Fill in PR immigration number, High Commission of Canada in KL address, so that it mails to embassy directly. No additional postage for this international mail.

For medical check report, request Canada clinic send directly to High Commission of Canada in Singapore. Otherwise, they will send to Ottawa CIC, and never reach KL. Needs to pay about CAD$85 for express mail. Canada Post, or FedEx only offer express mail if the document needs tracking number, or signature.

It takes about 4 months for High Commission of Canada to receive all documents, and send me another letter. This letter ask me to provide 4 PR size photos, CAD$490/person * 2 person, Malaysia passport with 6 months validity to them.

They will give 2 set of COPR form (Confirmation of PR). One for me, one for wife. In the passport, they will stick a new single entry visa IM-1 sticker with label immigrant, my name, passport number, immigration file number, FPA, document number P56001583.

Wife can enter Canada with this visa without me. After that I have to bring her leave Canada and re-enter Canada to get landing form.

Valid 15-Aug-2008 to 9-Apr-2009 (which is 12 months after medical check)

On this CIC homepage, it will show the PR status:

The status is be:
  1. In progress - when you submitted the PR
  2. In progress - wait for 2.5 years in the queue. It never tell how much longer to wait in the queue
  3. In progress - application started to process
  4. In progress - need supplemental documents, such as medical report, police certificate, education, current job offer letter
  5. In progress - after all documents receive
  6. In progress - PR application approved. Called to collect 2 sets of COPR documents
  7. In progress - After obtained COPR documents and immigration visit (the sticker looks similar to visitor visa, but wrote immigration)
  8. Decision Made - about 3 days after COPR form issued, and immigration visa given
The status is nearly useless to indicate the progress of your PR

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